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Eco Interactive Signature Family Vacation Experience – Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, La Fortuna and Kids Saving the Rainforest May 26, 2008

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This vacation package will be customized to your needs and availability. Prices based on quadruple occupancy for a family of four:

Luxury Vacations Starting at $8151
Value Vacations Starting at $4116
Budget Vacations Staring at $3387

Itinerary at a Glance

Day One – Arrive in Costa Rica
Day Two – Transfer to Manuel Antonio
Day Three – Manuel Antonio Park / KSTR Learning Center
Day Four – Mangrove Tour / Day at the Beach
Day Five – Rainmaker Reserve / Family Reforestation Project (optional)
Day Six – Transfer to Monteverde / Children’s Eternal Forest
Day Seven – Arenal Volcano Discovery / La Fortuna Adventure
Day Eight – Canopy Tour and Horseback Ride
Day Nine – Eco-Cultural Tour / Poas Volcano / La Paz Waterfall Gardens / Artisans of Sarchi / San Jose
Day Ten – Return Home.

Magical Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio Family Costa Rica VacationThe Manuel Antonio Park is the crown jewel of the Costa Rican National Park system and the pinnacle of the Costa Rican eco adventure experience. Eco Tourism was literally invented in Manuel Antonio. Through the Eco Interactive Experience your family will have an opportunity to explore three critical Costa Rican habitats, the Coastal Rainforest on Manuel Antonio Park, Mountain Rainforest of Rainmaker Private Reserve and the Marine Mangrove Swamps of Damas Island.

Costa Rica VacationDay One – Arrival in Costa Rica


Day Two – Transfer to Magical Manuel Antonio
Take the day to explore and relax. Visit the incomparable beaches of Manuel Antonio


Day Three – Manuel Antonio Park Tour / Kids Saving the Rainforest
Manuel Antonio National Park encapsulates the quintessential eco tourism experience: incredible beaches, magnificent offshore islands, and lush rainforest teaming with wildlife. Manuel Antonio Costa Rica VacationThe easy to navigate trails make this an ideal venue for your family to have an intimate encounter with nature. In Manuel Antonio Park you find monkeys (including the endangered Mono Titi), sloths and coatimundis. The experience is truly amazing. Your bi-lingual naturalist guide will open the secrets of the park to you in ways that you would never have thought possible.

Following the tour of the National Park, you will be taken Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Vacationto the Kids Saving the Rainforest Education Center. As part of the Kids Saving the Rainforest Experience, your family will learn about carbon footprint and how to take steps toward a carbon neutral lifestyle. We also provide your family an opportunity to participate in important reforestation projects and to learn the importance of reforestation in fighting the global warming phenomenon.

Day Four – The Exotic Mangrove Swamp Tour
Damas Island, just 30 minutes from your hotel, is an amazing example of mangrove swamp habitat teaming with wildlife. The mangrove swamps filled with crocodiles, monkeys and exotic birds and reptiles.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Vacation

Within this habitat you will find whiteface monkeys, caymans, boas and on rare occasion the silky anteater. There are recent reports that a troop of endangered Mono Titi Squirrel monkeys have moved into the habitat. This tour can be experienced from the comfort of a canopied powerboat or for a more intimate experience we have a kayak tour available as well. With experienced bilingual guide will share the beauty and natural history of the canals.

Day Five: Rainmaker Canopy Bridge Tour and Conservation Project / Kids Saving the Rainforest / Rainforest Reforestation Program.
Eco Interactive has established a special partnership with the Rainmaker Conservation Project, within which we have incorporated the Kids Saving the Rainforest program.

Manuel Antonio Family Costa Rica VacationThe Rainmaker Private Reserve is one of the last remnants of primary rainforest in the Central Pacific. It is home to 60% of all the flora and fauna species found in Costa Rica. During your tour you will cross suspension bridges that transverse the canopy and learn about endangered species that you will find nowhere else on earth. During the tour, your family will explore one of the most important biological habitats in the entire world. Manuel Antonio Family Costa Rica VacationThe astonishing views of the coastline, mountain streams, waterfalls and the magnificence of it’s rainforest, makes Rainmaker an essential destination for nature lovers.

Following your tour at the Rainmaker Reserve, your family will have an opportunity to participate in their very own reforestation project, supported by Kids Saving the Rainforest. Your mini-reforestation project will not only offset the carbon footprint from your vacation, but also help to establish important habitat for endangered species.

Day Six – Monteverde -The Children’s Eternal Forest

La Fortuna Arenal Costa Rica Family VacationThe Children’s Eternal Forest is one of the oldest nature reserves in all of Central America. The diversity and grandeur of this remarkable eco-system is unsurpassed. Following 45 minutes drive by bus, the adventure begins with an enthralling sixty-minute drive in a 4×4 to the scientific station of Pocosol. Accompanied by your bilingual naturalist guide, this excursion circumnavigates a stunning volcanic lake at more than 3000 feet elevation. During your 4-hour experience you will explore the rich diversity of one of the most amazing ecosystem. Along the way you encounter will small volcanic fumaroles and rare and exotic wildlife the likes of which you will find nowhere else.

Day Seven- Arenal Volcano Discovery and La Fortuna Adventure
Arenal Costa Rica Vacation Against the backdrop of the fiery Arenal Volcano rests an adventure destination unlike any other in the world. In Arenal/La Fortuna you will find exciting adventure tours, hiking, trekking, bird watching, horseback riding, kayaking, and canoeing. Settle into your hotel, relax and prepare for the next days adventure.

Day Eight – The Amazing Canopy Tour and Horseback Ride.

Costa Rica Family VacationCosta Rica is famous for originating the Canopy Tour and the Canopy Tours in the rain forests of Costa Rica remain unequaled.

Your day’s adventure begins when you arrive at the stables for your safety briefing. After you are fitted up with your equipment, you will mount up, and ride 45 minutes through a pasture and wooded area that is host to monkeys, sloths, toucans, and other birds. La Fortuna Arenal Costa Rica Family Vacation(This activity can also be done with or without the horseback portion of the tour)

Your family will dismount as they arrive at the edge of the primary rainforest. Your guide will take you on a short hike to introduce you to another of the regions unique habitats. This forest provides habitat for white faced and howler monkeys, unusual rodents, an amazing variety of birds, along with unique species of orchids and other canopy plant life.

La Fortuna Arenal Costa Rica Family VacationThe tree top canopy tour not only offers a great adventure but also an opportunity to observe wildlife high in the canopy that you might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience.

Your family will fly from treetop to treetop along zip lines stretched above the canopy. From each individual platform you family will have an opportunity to observe the forest from different perspectives and to photograph the beautiful landscapes that are otherwise inaccessible. All the platforms are designed for observation of wildlife and are managed to insure there is no damage done to the forest.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

Day Nine – Eco-Cultural tour on route to San José.
We leave at 7:30 with course to Varablanca. The first hour of the travel is through the San Carlos plain, a fertile and rich land where we can find plantations of yucca, orange, corn, rice, papaya, sugar cane, coconuts, passion fruit, forest plantations and pastures. This zone bathed by pristine rivers, among them San Carlos River, protects important areas of tropical forest inside national parks and nature preserves.
After passing by Varablanca the ascent toward the central volcanic mountain range starts in which are located some of the more active volcanoes of Costa Rica.

This itinerary will take us for exuberant landscapes with cascades and forests.

At about 9:30 a.m. we will make a stop for around 2 hours in La Paz Waterfall Gardens. A beautiful place which combines the impressive tropical forest with tropical gardens, also we will visit the biggest butterfly garden in the world, and observe hundreds of hummingbirds feeding in the gardens while we follow the path that goes beside the river to observe 5 astonishing waterfalls that give a beautiful show for the view.
After the visit we continue the journey to eat lunch in a restaurant of typical foods. After the lunch us we leave toward Sarchí, well-known city as the cradle of the craft of Costa Rica. Here we will stop for a while so you have the opportunity to buy some memories of their trip.

Day Nine – Departure for Home


12 Day – Sarapiqui River Float Adventure, Arenal Volcano and Hanging Bridges, Magical Monteverde and the Beaches of Tamarindo F12-001 May 13, 2008

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Costa Rica Vacation

This vacation package will be customized to your needs and availability. Prices based on quadruple occupancy for a family of four:

12 Day Luxury Family Vacation
Starting at $ 10338 per Family
12 Day Value Family Vacation
Starting at $ 5844 per Family
12 Day Budget Family Vacation
Starting at $ 4046 per Family

Itinerary at a glance:

Day 01 Arrival in San Jose Costa Rica
Day 02 Journey to Sarapiqui, Poas Volcano & La Paz Waterfalls
Day 03 Sarapiqui River Float Tropical Rain Forest Excursion

Day 04 Journey to Arenal Volcano Discovery Tour
Day 05 Arenal Volcano, Up Close and Personal
Day 06 Magical Monteverde and the Children’s Eternal Forest
Day 07 Monteverde Canopy Bridge Eco Experience
Day 08 to 10 The Sun Kissed White Sands Beaches of Tamarindo
Day 11 San Jose, Costa Rica’s Vibrant Capital
Day 12 Departure

Day 01 Arrival in San Jose Costa Rica

San Jose Costa RicaArrive by air into San Jose. Upon arrival a representative Eco Interactive will meet you at the gate and provide you all the information for your vacation along with providing you a transfer to your hotel. Transfer to your Hotel for your first night in Costa Rica. Soak up the tropical breezes and relax. You have arrived in Costa Rica.

Breakfast included. (Costa Rican Cuisine)

Day 02 Journey to Sarapiqui, Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Poas Volcano Coata Rica VacationFollowing a hearty Costa Rican breakfast, a representative of Eco Interactive will meet you at the hotel and provide a private transportation for your days adventure. The first stop will be the famous Poas Volcano followed by the amazing La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

As your climb in elevation you will experience the first of the varied micro-climates of Costa Rica. The temperature dips as you enter lush cloud forest of the Poás Volcano. The Poas Crater is stunning in both its magnitude and its appearance. Nearly a mile wide and a thousand feet deep, you will experience the thrill of standing at the abyss of one of natures most powerful vistas.

La Paz Waterfall Costa Rica VacationThe next stop is the amazing La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Nature Park. Here you will encounter one of the most spectacular Butterfly Gardens in all the world. Costa Rica has more species of butterflies than the entire continent of Africa and here you will be amazed at the overwhelming variety. Next you will have an opportunity to explore the spectacular trails of La Paz that will lead you to the magnificent Magia Blanca Falls. Following your explorations of the park, enjoy lunch before continuing on your adventure.

Sarapiqui is one of the most diverse regions in Costa Rica, oferring a mosaic of mountains,plains, volcanoes, lakes, rivers, forests, fruit farms and cattle ranches. Afternoon free to relax in the pool or take advantage of the hiking trails.

Breakfast included.

Day 03 Sarapiqui River Float Tropical Rain Forest Excuretion

Sarapiqui River Costa Rica VacationAfter breakfast, a representative of Eco Interactive will meet you at the hotel and provide a transportation to your Rio Sarapiqui Adventure. Ease into one of the more quiet sections of Río Sarapiquí. Soak up the ambiance of the tropical rain forests of the Caribbean climate. These dense forests are surreal in their lush density as you descend into tropical world unlike any other. Upon arrival to Río Sarapiquí, your river guides will outfit you with life-jackets, paddles, a safety orientation for the river along with a little Costa Rican hospitality Costa Rica Vacationknown as Pura Vida (Pure Living). You will begin rafting where the Class III trip finishes and continue down to Puerto Viejo. In some parts of the river you will pass green pastures and farmland, and delight in the sight of local children frolicking along shore. Rio Sarapiqui winds along the borders of the La Selva Biological Reserve – one of Costa Rica’ most important and diverse habitats.

For lunch, you will enjoy a picnic Costa Rican style in the lush tropical rain forest.

Day 04 Journey to Arenal Volcano Discovery Tour

Arenal Costa Rica VacationYour adventure continues to La Fortuna, home of the Arenal Volcano. Along the way you will take in the sites and sounds of yet another of Costa Rica’ varied and diverse habitats. Arenal is one of the most active volcanoes of the world. Lined with tranquil cloud forests, and adorned by the magnificent Lake Arenal, this is a truly world class experience. A visit to Arenal Volcano is both ominous and sublime, with loud rumblings and frequent explosions of lava and ash. Set against a dizzying array of wildlife, the adventure of the experience will create memories to last a lifetime.

In the afternoon you will have time to relax and appreciate the symmetrical silhouette of the Arenal Volcano at sunset.

Breakfast included.

Day 05 Arenal Volcano, Up Close and Personal

Arenal Costa Rica VacationFollowing a hearty Costa Rican breakfast, your guide will take you to the Hanging Bridges of Arenal. There,you will enjoy 15 bridges from 5 to 100 meters long, friendly design along 3 km rain forest circuit of interpretive trails built with paving blocks to prevent slipping. Designed by structural engineers with the most demanding safety margins in the world, you can be assured of a safe adventure for children ages 1 to 99.

Your naturalist guide will unlock the secrets of the rain forest. Set against the imposing vistas of the Volcano, your journey along the hanging bridges over the forest will open new world of insights to the many facets of Costa Rica.

Breakfast included.

Day 06 Magical Monteverde and the Children’s Eternal Forest

Monteverde Costa Rica VacationThe next leg of your adventure will circumnavigate Arenal Lake and take you to the magical region known as Monteverde. Monteverde was founded in the 1960s by a group of Quakers that were looking for a place to start a new life. Monteverde is set in a pristine cloud forest reserve and is world famous for it diversity and beauty. This is truly one of Costa Rica’s most prized destinations.

Opportunities for bird watching abound. The rare Quetzal is often sighted in Monteverde as are a multitude of other rare and exotic species.

Monteverde Costa Rica VacationThe afternoon will take you to the Children Eternal Rainforest. Children’s Eternal Rain Forest of Costa Rica (Bosque Nuboso de Los Ninos), is in a transition zone from pre-mountain wet forest to pre-mountain moist forest. Because of its location on the Pacific slope, elevation and humidity, Bajo del Tigre is a very different
habitat from other rain forest reserves in the area. Thirty of the tree species in Bajo del Tigre are among those in the area that have recently been identified as new to science.

As part of your experience at Jaguar Canyon, you will be sharing the home of the sloth, Monteverde Costa Rica Vacationwhite-faced monkey, agouti, coatimundi, kinkajou, margays, porcupine, hog-nosed skunk, fox, coyote, armadillo, and bats, plus a world of insects, butterflies, spiders, reptiles,frogs, snakes, and great bird watching.

In the Children’s Eternal Rain Forest (Bosque Nuboso Eterno de Los Ninos), which contains over 50.000 acres; the largest private reserve in Central America some organizations carry out various projects related to research, education, protection, habitat rehabilitation and volunteering. Its mission is to conserve, preserve and rehabilitate tropical ecosystems and their biodiversity.

No meals included.

Day 07 Monteverde Canopy Bridge Eco Experience, Hummingbirds and Butterflies

These Tree Top Walkways are the best system of suspension bridges that exist in Costa Rica. The bridge system is located along a 1 .7 mile trail designed to be walked by people of all ages and consists of 8 suspension bridges going 90% through primary cloud forest. In the Insect Museum, you can observe more than 50 species of butterflies from different altitudes and climates on a guided tour. In the Hummingbird Garden the visitor can observe more than 14 species of hummingbirds surrounded by waterfalls and natural floral arrangements.
No meals included

Day 08 to 10 The Sun Kissed White Sands Beaches of Tamarindo

Tamarindo Costa Rica VacationAfter breakfast, you will be driven to Tamarindo beach.
Both nature and beach lovers will find plenty here to fill their days. Tamarindo is famous for its stunning beaches, its marine national park and wildlife refuge. This area encompasses beaches that attract one of the largest leatherback turtle populations in
the world. Peak nesting seasons in the area are October through March. Due to its constant waves, it is also one of the favorite places for surfers.

Breakfast included
Two nights at the Hotel Tamarindo Diria, Tropical pool rooms, Breakfast included

Day 11 San Jose, Costa Rica’s Vibrant Capital City

After lunch, you will be transferred back to San Jose.
Overnight at the El Rodeo Hotel, standard room. Breakfast included.

Day 12 Departure

Transfer will be provided for your flight home.
End of services